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The company's technical equipment

VINOBAG has 1000 m2  storage floor in an insulated warehouse, allowing the separation of raw material and finished products.  Slides

Our pallets are stored shrink wrapped and identified. The yare stored by unit, not piled, in order to guarantee the integrity of the product.

2 storage techniques : :

- on shelves (200 pallets)

- on racks containing 430 pallets.

VINOBAG's storage capacity is of 3700 hls on site, in 23 stainless steel tanks (ten are equipeed with floating cap), the others with inertia by nitrogen. Photo

2600 hl are at the cellar of Saint Jean de la Blaquière in 9 concrete tanks linked with epoxy resin.

We receive the wines ready for filling i.e meets our final filtration specifications (0.65 membran). We can also treat in an optimal way the wines on a tangential filter.