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The company's technical equipment

Vinobag owns today two production lines : Slides

1 automatic, single headed and one double headed, automatic line able to produce 1400 Bag-in-Box 3 l/h and 1200 Bag-in-Box 5l/h.

The automatic case erector allows us to use alle the box sizes from 2 to 10 litres, at a rate of 40 boxes/minute.

The machines are equipped with a HOT MELT gluing system.

The two fillin devices are connected to a filtration system that guarantees a constant product flow by its automatic regulation (injection of nitrogen and pump in function of the level detection).

The constant filling is controlled by an electromagnetic flowmeter actionning the opening and closing of the filling valve.

This operation is controlled by a weighing device that ejects every non conform product.

The two lines are equipped with a device that automatically fixes  labels and handles on the boxes.

An ink jet marking on each line prints on the boxes the number of the conditioned lot and several other indications requested by the customers.