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Wine in Bag-in-Box has become an absolute must in all hyper- or supermarkets, in wine shops and it is growing on the world-wide market. In some Scandinavian countries, Bag-in-Box wine represents more than 40% of all wine sales.

The 3 and 5 litres Bag-in-Box sizes are appreciated by traditional customers and the 10 litres Bag-in-Box are sold by wholesalers or import wholesalers, as well as by catering trade and often used with specific accesories.

For a wine served by the glass in restaurants and cafeterias, the Bag-in-Box is the best solution. The 10 litres size allows serving wine for a long time. 

The Bag-in-Box is an economical packaging, its dimensions are reduced, it is practical to use and guarantees a constant wine quality from the first until the last glass. It is ready for use at any moment and that SAVES TIME, the main concern in the catering trade.

Thanks to the Bag-in-Box, the consumer benefits of a stable wine quality for at least 6 weeks after opening. A Bag-in-Box can be stored during 6 to 12 months before opening, storage time depends on the size of the Bag-in-Box. This packaging is easy to transport, thanks to its handle and can easily be put in the fridge.