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Our objective

VINOBAG is the expert in the conditioning of wine and the favorite supplier of its shareholders. 

Moreover, Vinobag offers and realizes  the conditioning for vineyards and importers that are looking for high technical solutions in order to develop their activity and to increase the range of their  Bag-in-Box and Pouch-Up packagings.

That's why we have put in place a management system corresponding to the reference IFS. It is established on the ethical principes of the respect of persons and on honest and integrity in the relationship with customers, suppliers and authorities. Our quality policy that can be adapted to new demands  each time that it is necessary, has the following objectives :

- ensure the permanence to our shareholders and the development of the company

- provide a total security to the consumers for health and safety regulations.

- guarantee to our customers the respect of the requirements that have been accepted.

- improve our services thanks to our know-how, the skills of our staff and  a high-performance technical equipment.

- preserve our natural heritage by the respect of the environment. 


In order to satisfy the needs of our customers and the requirements of the market, VINOBAG has put in place an organisation that is based on the reference IFS.

Since 2007 the renewal of this certification is done every year.

The food security follows the HACCP system.

Our most important aim is to guarantee the supply of a product that corresponds to the requirements of our customers and to give satisfaction to the final consumers.