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The company and its historical background

In 1984, Vinobag was set up to distribute the wines from the Saint Jean de la Blaquière winery. Thanks to the purchase of a semi automatic, and single headed conditioning line, 8000 hectolitres of wine per year are produced and sold in 30 litre Bag-in-Box.

In 1991, Vinobag obtained an important order from En gland and it was decided to invest in a sedond, semi-automatic and double headed production line. 12000 hectolitres of wine per year were packaged in 3 litre Bag-inBox.

In 1997, Les Vignerons Catalans en Roussillon took a 50% share of Vinobag and the Saint Jean de la Blaquière winery.

In 1999, Vinobag constructed a new storage area of 1000 m2 and also new offices.

In 2000 - 2001, the company set up a new double headed and automatic conditioning line and invested in 5 inox tankds of a capacity of 130 hectolitres each. 

In 2007, Vinobag obtained the IFS-BRC certification that is yearly repeated.

In 2009, the double headed, semi-automatic conditioning line is replaced by an automatic, single headed line. 

VINOBAG is today a company that represents:

- a turnover of 5 millions ofeuros

- 14 employees that ensure our know-how

- a production capacity of 4 500 000 Bag-in-Box on 2 production lines

- an area of 2000 m2 : 1000 m2 for storage and 3700 hls in inox tanks.

- the guarantee of good quality products and a service in order to satisfy the needs of our customers.