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Bib components

Comparison Bib - bottle


Advantages of Bag-in-Box

Presentation of our VINO - BIB
A completely decorated box

A bag in which wine has been filled. The bag is equipped with a tap avoiding contact with air.

As contact with air is avoided and thus risk of oxidation, the wine keeps its freshness and aromas for 6 weeks after opening. The bag retracts bit by bit after wine consumption.

The wine bag with the special tap is put inside the box, protected from light. 

For the first use of your Bib, remove the perforated, circular part of the box and lift perforated flap
Pull the tap completely out and put in place the perforated flap of the Bib.
Juste remove the protected cap of the tap. To serve, rise red flanges up or push down on tap with your thumb. Method depends on the used tap.